Monday, July 4, 2011

Queens University Campus Bookstore

As we drove from Ottawa yesterday, ending a ten year phase of our life, I couldn't help but think of the line Julius Caesar used when crossing the Rubicon; "The die is cast, let it fall where it may."

Now I'm not a wanted criminal for political crimes... and I don't think I've started any unjustified wars with the germanic barbarians, but, I did cast my dice in on this one move. I quit my stable job, we've rented-out our houses, and I've moved in with my in-laws. (So maybe their will be a war after all... ?)

I already like one thing about my job. It's 7:40 and, if I were in Ottawa, I'd be late catching my bus. So I have another 50 minutes or so before I have to leave to work for 9:00. (And that's with a stop for coffee!)

I am very excited to be living in Kingston once more. I'm excited to meet a whole whack more new people and move my career in a different direction. Did you know Queens has 7,000 employees!? My last job had 4. Yikes! Among those employees are some pretty spectacular minds. I'm hoping, with my new job, I'll get to meet some of them.

Right now I'm just killing time before the kids have their hair in pony tails and are ready to get out the door. The anticipation is killing me.

Oops, there's Ann Marie! Time to go!

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