Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day four, here I come!

Yesterday was key. I'm settling in and getting some real projects started. I started some small signage and bookmarks. It felt good to do some simple layout again. It made me feel at home. I have the camera and need to snap some photos this morning. I also need to write a quick something about this new printer we're getting.

The Campus Bookstore, in it's ongoing effort to save money and provide a lower price to the student body, has purchased a beautiful Brother GT-782 (Direct to Garment Printer). I will be overseeing the photoshop files sent to this beauty and helping the older staff members set up their orders when the school year starts. From a 'graphic design career' standpoint this move is a nightmare. But as a marketer, with no other reason to be in Kingston other than family, it's pretty cool!

As for the bookmark that needs to be printed. It normally wouldn't be anything special, but, from what I can tell it will be my second (but more powerful) opportunity to inform my market that the bookstore has a twitter account and Facebook page. The first is looking around with the bookstore account on Facebook to see if we can rustle up some queens group participants to join our group as well. But that is about as easy as it sounds. I'm really hoping for the website component, ASAP. If we can get those two icons on the website before September it would help. Management is on board to make it happen but the web department is bogged down with App development and rental-system rollout.

I got access to the Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday as well. I haven't told the management what we need to do with the accounts. I wonder if they'll be open to give-aways and contesting? Content is key so I have to start racking my brain for daily updates. The good news is that no one is paying any attention yet so I can put together a back-log of need-to-tell stories. I should also be out there grabbing photos of anything interesting that happens at Queens. Frosh week should be interesting. I hear it's a mad-house.

Another quick-job I've got is the internal signage for sold-out books. It will direct disgruntled students to the bookstore website, twitter and Facebook page–providing them with plenty of options.

My job has seemed to expand, even further, with the contract signed with athletic department. They'll be doing web banners and internal marketing without he bookstore. We'll be providing contests and prizes at the home games. Including providing staff. Which, yes, will be me. Not sure what that's all about, but, rest assured, this job will not be boring or easy.

Everyone who works there's been absolutely welcoming and helpful. Now that I have some real work to do and lots more to come I feel a little more confident going in in a tie. :) On a side note, working in InDesign on an iMac 27" is better than the 24" with a second monitor attached. Apple is definitely onto something with larger screens and no extra monitors. Also, CS5 Rules. Amazing little doodads like gap tools and quick-corners!

Every day this job grows and gets more exciting. I think my favourite thing about it is that I can see that I won't be spending all my time at my desk.


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