Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuning-in to Queens

Tune-in? Who listens to radio anymore? Well, I might. :) Queens Radio anyway.

When I accepted the position at the Queens Campus Bookstore I thought I didn't know anything about digital marketing. Until this point in my career I've snickered at the position of marketer from my broad-stroked advertising and big-budget design background. The funny thing is, I've been marketing myself digitally this whole time and didn't even realize it. I've been selling myself through LinkedIn.com, Blogger (adsportfolio.com), Facebook (facebook.com/andrewdeansutton), my Twitter account (@andrewsutton), my company's website (g33kdesign.com), my podcast (www.jedivshobbits.com), and, linking them all together, my Google profile page.

Since 1995 or so, I've been surfing around the web as a power-user. I'd poke my nose into various RSS feeds, newsgroups and chat rooms. I'd read blogs or design myself a web page or two, open up a new account on any number of curious startups like amazon or myspace just to see what they're all about. Before 1995 I was connecting to Bulletin Board Systems with my computer to read tech articles and play online text-based games. The digital world has been my playground since there's been a digital world to play in.

Needless to say, I know what I'm doing. Which is good and has put my mind at ease. However, every day since I've accepted this position I've been trying to tune-in to the digital scene at Queens and I'm being overwhelmed! Each day I find another twitter feed, RSS feed, news source or social site to watch. Queens is bursting at the seams with digital media!

So the question is: How am I, with the bookstore, going to break in?

Wish me luck!


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